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UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 7.3

Full-featured software application for data recovery professionals
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If you happen to be a data specialist and know how to read and deal with low-level data analysis, you will find UFS Explorer Professional Recovery to be a full-featured application designed to help you analyze and alter data prior to enabling the recovery process. It is capable of recovering lost data in formatted file systems and in all types of storage devices, including virtual drives, disk image files, and RAID physical and virtual disks.

Far from being the standard recovery tool designed to help the average user to bring back to life accidentally-deleted photos or Office files, this highly professional tool allows data specialists to access any lost file at a much deeper level. It works seamlessly in virtual drives and disks created using state-of-the-art virtualization software tools, such as the VMware suite of tools, Microsoft Virtual PC and Hyper-V, or Parallels Desktop, among others. To UFS Explorer Professional Recovery these virtual environments are as real as any physical storage device, and it is capable of analyzing any of their lost data in the same straightforward way. It can even work on encrypted disk volumes and rebuild RAID systems even after a controller or metadata failure and regardless of their level of complexity – from RAID level 0 to RAID 60 and beyond. Making use of the most sophisticated algorithms and techniques, it is capable of reconstructing lost RAID systems both quickly and efficiently. These techniques go from simple data analysis to complex file allocation guess algorithms.

Its hexadecimal viewer will let you go deeper into the lost data and identify those fragments that need fixing. Its write-enabled Hex editor will allow you to alter minor and moderate damages to bring the file system back to its previous state.

You just need to take a look at UFS Explorer Professional Recovery’s functionality and price tag to see that this is not an app for everyone. But those of you who can deal with advanced low-level data analysis and are proficient enough to know how to alter it in a way that allows its full recovery will feel at ease with this comprehensive and highly professional tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to analyze data prior to its recovery
  • Recovers data from replaced file systems
  • Includes a RAID builder utility
  • Recovers data from virtual disks and disk image files
  • Supports external plug-ins for extra functionality


  • For professionals and data specialists only
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